Do people use Kik to Sext? Yes.

Simply put, YES. People who sext has used Kik at one point or another. The propagation of Kik sexting websites is a testament of this. Members of these sites are able to find Kik usernames and Kik nudes within minutes. Read more to understand.

Sexting is a composite of the terms sex and texting. Separately, they both promote the virtues of communication. On the one hand, sex is an intimate communication of bodies to either express physical desires or deepen sensual attachments between physical creatures. On the other, texting is one of the most common instant communication platforms that made real-time connections possible.

Together though, sexting becomes the act of sharing sexually explicit messages or images via texting to illicit a sexual response from another. Pretty straight forward right?

Sexting is prevalent to both males and females of all ages whether they’re in committed relationships or playing the field. Mostly though, those of age say that they engage in sexting as a means to feel the power of being wanted and the arousal that comes from hearing what other would want to do to you sexually.

Single men and women in their 20s say that they use sexting to express lust and entice the other to have sex. Sexting made hooking up a more interesting and visually stimulating game. It has empowered both sexes to instigate sexual relations where otherwise it would have been a challenging and sometimes embarrassing

Those in committed relationships use sexting as a means to keep the passion alive. There are women who send frisky messages to their partners while doing mundane tasks such as cleaning the house just to incite a reaction from them. Sending sexy messages spontaneously while their partners are in meetings or out with friends injects the relationship with playfulness that keep both parties engrossed and excited for things to come.

Positively sexting has helped improve the level of intimacy and satisfaction in romantic relationships and aided singles in their pursuit of love.

People who sext has scoured thru all available messaging apps with photo and video-sharing capabilities to find the best medium to sext. Kik is one of the many that held ground in this area and has been embroiled with controversy in the process.

Kik Messenger or Kik for short is an instant messaging application for Android and IOS phones founded by Kik Interactive. Kik Interactive is made up of University of Waterloo students who were looking to shift computing from personal computers to mobile devices. They were successful in doing just that and today Kik’s running with an estimate of 300 million registered users as of last year.

Kik’s offer the same text and video chatting features but its selling point is the anonymity it offers. Unlike other available messaging apps, Kik doesn’t require a phone number to be attached to your profile. Users are only asked to provide their names, email addresses and birth dates to create one. Entered birth dates are used by the program to filter users that are below the age limit. Users are then required to create a unique username that is used by other users to search and view other subscriber profiles. Other than that, Kik doesn’t offer any security verification measures before accepting subscribers.

It’s this appeal of unrestricted messaging via Wi-Fi and the privacy of limited shared personal information that attracted teenagers to join Kik. In fact, Kik’s biggest user group fall in this category. Teens use Kik for different reasons, one of the features they liked most about it is that it doesn’t allow remote viewing by other devices. If parents want to check their kid’s Kik usage it is with their username, password and device. For teens, Kik mostly became a channel for sexual expression, a tool for flirting and reinforcement in their pursuit of building trust in romantic relationships.

In by themselves, sexting and Kik are quite regular in nature. This may be one of the reasons that they attracted a number of people to engage in both. The risk attached though is that even if the anonymity makes sexting more exciting it also attracts elements that exploits these. Since there’s little to no verification done in the app, it may lead to child exploitation where a 14-year-old girl can be sexting with a 25-year-old man without her knowledge. Automated spam bots also give out random naked photos to Kik users that unnecessarily floods users with penis and vagina photos of strangers.

Simply, pornography has found another outlet. Users just need to be wary of unwarranted attention and be educated of the options they have should they encounter individuals that those. The users themselves are the best safeguards they can find.

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