woman orgasm

Interesting facts about female orgasm

Female orgasm is not much understood by many people as they ought to do it. There are many misconceptions about female orgasm. First of all, some people don’t believe female ejaculation or orgasm and some people think that it is rare and tough. Many people think that it takes much time and hard efforts to get female orgasm.

Female orgasm

The fact is that female orgasm is possible if she gets involved in extreme pleasurable sex with her man or using sex toys. When it comes to female orgasm, most of the times it is responsibility of man to help her reach it. Men can try different ways that she enjoys to reach orgasm. Such act will increase the sexual intimacy which is a key factor for experiencing the most enjoyable sex every time.


As it is said above that men should contribute their best to make the female partner to attain orgasm in intense manner. Many men just finish with their ejaculation and they think that is enough and it is over. No!!! Having sex with someone is not just to receive the pleasure but to give the pleasure to the partner engaging in sex. It is best to give rather than being in the intention to receive it.

Choose to give

This is most important in sex that as you give more, you will receive more for sure. As you get indulged in sex try as best as you can to give utmost pleasure to her, you will get it back. Therefore find the best methods and start exploring each method to identify which suits the best to give her mind blowing orgasm.

Don’t rush

As you start making out, don’t rush if you want to help her to reach the climax. The fact is that men will get climax soon but it will take time for women to get climax. It requires intense intercourse or oral sex to reach orgasm. If you rush you will get climax but she does not. Actually just few strokes of intercourse or blow job or hand job will make you attaining climax butt she will not get as if you do.

Take more time

Either it is an oral sex or playing with her vagina using your tongue or using your finger to fondle her sensitive parts of vagina, you have to do it for some time. Understand that slow and steady is most important. If you do oral sex faster as if you do masturbation with your penis, she will not be able to reach her orgasm.


Always help her to feel comfortable in every other technique or position that you try. Some men use to be rough on bed. Some women accept the roughness of their men but some women wants men to be soft. As you try any new technique or a sexual activity that you have not attempted with her don’t be rough just be gentle. Help her to feel comfortable for your new attempt and if she does not like it or if she does not find it pleasurable better quit it.

You may try any number of techniques but if you don’t help her to feel comfortable both of you will not enjoy the utmost pleasure of sex. If she feels comfortable she will get intense and will help you to feel the pleasure in extreme manner and she will attain orgasm. You will not help her to reach orgasm if she is not comfortable with anything you try.

Good at bed

Listen to her sexual interests and make sure that she gets it. There are many men who use to satisfy their sexual partner beyond the expectation of the partner. Men good in bed does not mean that they are good in intercourse or any other sexual activity or they are powerful, but it means that they try all the possibilities to satisfy their women with according to the expectation hence they can surely help their women to reach orgasm. For your information woman that could attain the pleasure of orgasm through her man will certify him as good at bed. If they don’t get proper orgasm from their man then they will not say that he is good at bed. Give her shuddering orgasm.

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How Porn has Taken Over the Internet

Nowadays, when people think of pornography, they think of pornography on the web. However, before the dawn of the internet age, way back to ancient civilizations and even before that, pornography already existed – only they came in other forms.

Sexual content could be found in cave paintings, for example. Many depictions of the naked body has been carved by many sculptors around the world. The Kama Sutra, a text from the third century by Vatsyayana, contained graphic sexual positions, for the purpose that man and wife find carnal and cerebral pleasure with each other to maintain a happy marriage. As technology advanced, pornography could be seen in the cinema, adult theaters, and adult magazines.

Believe it or not, pornography is one of the major driving forces of the World Wide Web. In the early 1990s, pornography was found in Usenet newsgroups and Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). During this time, because of bandwidth limitations and time restrictions, the image has to be converted to ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Exchange) text and then uploaded to the Usenet newsgroup, and then a user has to download and then recompile the pieces to view the image. Among all the posts made from users, many of the images shared were pornographic in nature, a lot of them scanned pictures of erotic material from adult magazines.

Now, compare that to today. Today, there are a lot of pornography websites easily available online. Unlike in Usenet newsgroups, it’s no longer necessary to convert images to ASCII text and then compile them just to view the content. When Googling “porn,” there are more than 2 billion results! There 2 billion different ways to view pornographic content, and that is only what is available on the surface of the internet, not counting the deep web.

Nowadays, internet pornography is not available in only one format anymore. Instead of just posting and distributing images, pornography is available as videos. Porn video is, in fact, the most well-sought form of pornographic material. There are many pornographic galleries which showcase thousands and thousands of erotic images, while there are also many pornographic websites which showcase thousands and thousands of porn videos.

Before the internet, there were services which provide paid “phone sex,” where people basically hire others to talk dirty to them for a period of time. A better alternative for this with the internet is video conferencing, which the porn industry took advantage of and were advanced at, and now it’s commonly known as live webcams. Yes, one of the major uses of video conferencing is for pornographic purposes.

All these pornographic materials can be viewed through either free or paid means. Because of user demand, maintaining a porn site requires a lot of bandwidth. The transfer of videos—and not only a single video, but multiple—to many users from all over the world means a whole lot of data. This means users might have to pay to maintain and keep the porn sites and all the content up. (However, there are still free alternatives, which use paid advertisements as a way to pay for the cost.) Of course, businesses have been made out of internet pornography. Some of the most popular porn sites are among the biggest internet companies, in fact.

At this point, do you think there exists an adult that has not seen porn online? In 2009, Simon Louis Lajeunesse, a researcher from Montreal, conducted a study entitled ‘Are the effects of pornography negligible?’, which analyzes the effects of viewing pornography for men in their 20s. To conduct the study, he had to interview men who have seen porn and men who have not seen porn. However, apparently he could not find a single man who has not seen porn in his 20s.

This is no surprise, as pornography is very accessible on the internet. Just one Google search, and pornographic material is immediately available right in front of your eyes. Because of its very easy accessibility, and of the simple fact that porn satisfies urges and can be a source of pleasure, it is also very easy to get addicted to pornography. There’s even dating sites for this and some that specialize for milf sex. Milf Swiper which is the #1 app for milf sex and milf pics allows you to chat with naked milfs and get milf pussy from many local hot Milfs is a great example of this. Porn is everywhere and now you can find dating apps specifically for your needs.

In a book, Mark Kastleman talks about how pornography “destroys the mental and spiritual capacity of its victims.” Of course, there are also many activists who argue that pornography is actually a safe and healthy way to satisfy sexual urges and explore one’s own sexuality. In fact, some health professionals use porn to help their clients with clinical sexual problems.

Whatever anyone’s opinion of pornography is—whether it be good or bad for an individual person and society as a whole—it does not change the fact that porn has made its way to mainstream society. And that is thanks to the World Wide Web.